Tecan Evo


Tecan Evo™


Liquid Handler: 8 Span automated pipette station with a huge range of options
Supplied with Tecan Gemini or Evoware, the system is fully adaptable for nearly all plate types and processes and can be integrated with a range of Tecan peripherals.

  The Tecan Freedom Evo™ series offers an advanced, proven and reliable liquid handling system for different scales and throughputs. Offered here in two different worktable capacities (100 and 200 cm) each with building-block modularity that brings precision, reliable liquid handling and easy-to-use robotics. Each platform is upgradable and can be combined with a wide choice of robotic arms, liquid handling tools and application options powered by straightforward software to meet individual needs. Features include liquid handling, robotic manipulation pick and place and multichannel (96/384) arms. Tip configuation includes 1, 2, 4, 8, 96 and 384, types include standard(Teflon®-coated stainless steel) and disposable tips with or without filter (10/50/200/1000 ul) with syringe sizes of 50-5000ul.


Plate type:96/384

Dispensing range:100nl-5000ul


Height 870mm (34.5”), Depth 780mm (30.7”), Width 2050mm (80.7”)

Software:Tecan Gemini or Evoware


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