Agilent VPrep


Agilent VPrep™


Liquid Handler: Highly compact and versatile pipetting system for independent and integrated operations. Eight plate positions, interchangeable heads and active wash stations make the VPrep™ systems a perfect solution for a wide range of laboratory pipetting techniques.

  The VPrep® pipetting station can be used either as a stand alone unit or integrated into larger robotic platforms. As one of the fastest precision pipettor's on the market, the VPrep will significantly reduce cycle times for the most demanding pipetting protocols. The system features a range of interchangeable heads for 8, 16, 96 and 384 dispensing. The VPrep head has a two axis positioning stage which accommodates access to all Quadrants of 96, 384 and 1536 microplates. The system has eight sliding shelves positioned to either side of the pipetting head to conserve space and can be configured to have vacuum manifolds, autofilling reagent reservoirs or tip washing stations. A user friendly interface allows the operator to create and run complex protocols within minimal time frames.


Plate Capacity:8

Plate type:96, 384, 1536

Dispensing range:10nl to 200ul


Height: 78.7 cm (31.0”) Width: 38.1 cm (15.0”) Length: 25.9 cm (10.2) Weight: 37.2 Kg (82 lbs)

Operating Temperature: 5-40 C, 10-90% RH

Software: VWorks Automation Control Software, ActiveX control PC System: Windows XP Interface:

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