Matrix PlateMate Plus


Matrix PlateMate Plus™


Liquid Handler: Supporting 96, 384 and 1536 plate replication, reformatting and serial dilution. Interchangeable heads suitable for volumes from 0.1µl - 300 µl. Large plate capacity with quad stackers.

  The Matrix PlateMate Plus™ Automated Pipetting System offers a choice of eight pipetting heads, removable quad plate stacker chimneys, and precise microplate positioning and a choice of eight interchangeable pipetting heads suitable for volumes from 100nl to 300ul. Its four deck positions can accommodate plates, reservoirs, or tip wash stations. All functions are controlled with intuitive drag-and-drop ControlMate software. The system can accommodate 96, 384 and 1536 well plates and is the ideal choice for replicating plates, reformatting samples and serial dilutions. The 50 plate stacker chimneys allow for automatic movement and processing of microplates, microtube racks or reagent reservoirs and the barcode reading capability allows automatic tracking of microplates as they are moved on and off the work deck.


Plate capacity:>200

Plate type:96, 384, 1536

Dispensing range:100nl to 300ul


Height (50 plate stackers) 104.1cm (41”) Width 132.4cm (52”) Depth 41.1cm (16”) Weight 80Kg (180lbs)

Operating temperature: 15-40 C

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