MultiDrop Combi


MultiDrop™ Combi


Microplate Dispenser: 8 Channel bulk dispensing for volumes from 0.5 to 2500µL into Microplates with 6 to 1536 wells, with a low dead volume and back flush. Fast, reliable, programmable and can be integrated onto automation platforms or used standalone.

  The MultiDrop™ Combi is one of the most popular and reliable dispensers on the market. Robust, compact and simple to use with the added advantage that it can be integrated onto most robotic platforms as easily as it can be used anywhere on the bench. The Combi can use microwell plates with heights of 5 to 50mm from 6 to 1536 wells with dispense volumes of 0.5 to 2500ul in a linear or snake pattern. The eight channel tip casette is extremely easy to exchange (and sterilisable) and the tubing allows for a very low dead volume and the ability to dispense up to eight different solutions at any one time. The Multidrop™ Combi is one of the dispensers of choice in most laboratories for both cellular and reagent suspensions with low maintenance, high speed and simplicity of use.


Plate type:6 to 1536 well plates

Dispensing range:0.5 to 2500ul


Height 22cm (8.6”) Width 35.5cm (14”) Depth 33cm (12.9”)


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